Our Voice Our Choice Community Access program expands opportunities for people living with intellectual and/or physical disability and mental health concerns. 

We believe the simple truth that people are experts in their own lives.

Our focus is on each persons goals, and a program is mapped out to support them achieving those goals.

What we DO do ....

- teach people new skills such as joining a writing group, or participating in Mens Sheds activities.

- organic permaculture based gardening practices.

- yoga, meditation and stretching workshops.

- flower market visits fresh food markets.

And most importantly, a completely adaptive attitude to include people's interests and develop programs to support them developing those skills

What we DON'T do ...

- group activities leaving people sitting disengaged and not included.

- encouraging people to participate in activities they are not interested in.

Our Voice Our Choice Pty Ltd

ACN 617 783 463

A registered NDIS provider