Supported Independent Living

one of our actual homes

Our Voice Our Choice provides a personalised and individual approach to Supported Independent Living for people with a disability


Our experienced staff create a positive environment for all people we support to ensure every person has the opportunity to develop their potential and experience life to the fullest. The induction process is a chance for Our Voice Our Choice to understand the needs of each person and who they would best suit living with, as well as the most appropriate staff allocation. A house can be many things to many people, but Our Voice Our Choice creates homes that are person centred and respectful of everyone's choices.

Our Strengths are:

- we work with people's goals, aspirations and desires for independent living.

- we assist people to develop community connections and develop friendships.

- we teach and support them to maintain a house - and their independence.

- we assist with decision making, daily planning and budgeting for their goals.

- we are there when they need us, for managing and attending appointments & supporting their choices.

If you would like to talk to our passionate and highly skilled staff about our Supported Independent Living options, please simply fill in our Expression of Interest Form.



Our Voice Our Choice Pty Ltd

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A registered NDIS provider