What We Believe In

Our Vision.

A world full of Real, connected communities that celebrate diversity, humanity and accessibility.

Equality between all people in a non-discriminative world.

That we all enable everyone to feel valued in society.

Our Mission.

To walk with, and alongside, people seeking Real Opportunity's.

Real inclusion, Real true-life experiences, with Real achievements, Real connections, Real homes,

Real employment, Real choice and Real outcomes.

Our Values

Professionalism and Dedication

Continuous Improvement

Quality, for every person, every time

Accountability and Transparency

Understanding and Compassion

Creativity and Innovation

Community Participation and Teamwork

Our Voice Our Choice will:

  • Support people with a disability to fully partake as citizens in our community

  • Deliver quality services, driven by the aspirations and needs of people we support and families. 

  • Always act with compassion, integrity and transparency. 

  • Demonstrate strong leadership and foster harmonious relationships. 

  • Proactively support and encourage staff and volunteers to achieve their full potential.

  • Promote opportunities for people with a disability through community partnerships that recognise mutual benefit. 

  • Assist with decisions today that will have a positive impact on the future of our service users.

  • Provide an environment where the individual’s right to experiences and risk is recognised.

Our Voice Our Choice Pty Ltd

ACN 617 783 463

A registered NDIS provider